Day1/Day2 Workshop

Explore vital strategies of becoming a wellness-focused Chiropractic practice

Don't miss out on this Game Changing experience!

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Presented By

Dr. Dane Donohue,

Dr. Brian Hester and

Dr. Justin Nye

Join us for this one-day turnkey event as you are guided through a virtual workshop, where you will learn their approach to impactful New Patient Consultations and successful wellness services. 

What to Expect

Connect in the Consult

  • How to connect with patient's known hot button and their secondary health issues.

  • How to build value by finding out how their challenges are affecting their quality of life

  • How to educate patients on the law of cause and effect so they are focused on lifestyle goals rather than JUST symptoms

  • The 3 Green Light questions that will allow you to know whether a patient is right for 8WW

Discover in the Exam

  • How to blow patients away in the exam ("my doctor never did this thorough of an exam")

  • The 8WW Functional Movement Screen

  • Understanding the Biomarkers of a Wellness Score: What you MUST include in your exam.

  • Understanding BIA and Labs

Respond in the rof

  • How to put together REAL care plans that work for YOU and the patient.

  • How to Close for 8WW

  • Handling Finances and Objections

  • Care plans beyond 8WW

8WW Fall Event
Dec 03, 9:00 AM