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Post-Summer 10-Day Detox


Every year, twice a year, I do a 10-day detox to clean out my body from the increased amount of stress that I’ve placed on it in the previous months. Those 2 "detox" times are right after the summer and right after the holidays which are times that I enjoy some of the more addictive (sugar and alcohol) things in life. Life and health are a balance sheet, you are either in the red or the black. For me, I know that after the summer and after the holidays, I’m moving towards the red and it’s time to clean it up.


I have been doing a full-body detox for many years and for me, it’s a great way to go from “unconsciously” making bad decisions to becoming fully conscious and making great decisions. If you give me the rules, I will follow them (most of the time). If you don’t give me the rules, I make them up and that’s usually never a good thing. When I make the rules, I tend to make rules that “feel good” and I’m not fully conscious of the consequence of my choices.


So, is it time for YOU to detox? Are you tired? Not sleeping well. Have a lot of joint pain or muscle aches? Have GI issues such as acid reflux? Mental fog, depression, or trouble concentrating? Have the abs gone by by? Any and all of these symptoms are signs that your body’s health is in the “red”.


Detoxification is simply getting rid of the most common toxins and poisons in the body. These common toxins include BPA in plastics, food pesticides and chemicals, alcohol, mercury (tuna), cigarettes (second-hand smoke), GMOs in food, gluten, sucralose or artificial sweeteners, glyphosate (Round-up), partially hydrogenated oils, auto exhaust, and many others. Also, I do think one of the most common toxins that make us fat, fatigued, and age our bodies dramatically is SUGAR. If you only took a break from sugar and alcohol for 10 days, you would notice a huge improvement in your health. However, I suggest you “clean it ALL up”. If we could only turn our body inside out and take a good look at our lungs, liver, colon, kidneys, brain, and blood vessels; we may be very surprised by how they look.


Detox is simple. It’s 4 R’s:

1. Remove the toxins

2. Repair, there is a term called "autophagy" which refers to the body’s ability to repair itself when we fast and put the body in an ideal healing state. After all, the first 4 letters in HEALth spell HEAL.

3. Replace, the goal is to replace the nutrients such as B vitamins, fiber, water, anti-oxidants, and pre and pro-biotics to allow the body to heal better.

4. Rebalance, once the body has properly detoxed, you're back in the black and in Homeostasis.


Lose weight, feel great, detox your brain and body, get rid of those aches and pains, sleep better, and lose the mental fog. It’s time to settle up for summer and make some deposits.

10-Day Detox Program-Includes Supplements

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