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Turn your Practice into a wellness Business

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Join our team of Passionate Providers

Keep your practice relevant with Wellness offerings.

As an 8WW doctor, you help your community change their focus from pain management to Wellness care. 8 Weeks to Wellness broadens the focus of your practice from attracting pain-based Chiropractic patients to those want Wellness and keeping them as Chiropractic. 


Today, every community needs an inspiring wellness center with a team of experts leading people to longer, healthier lives.  This turnkey program will allow you to grow your practice and improve the lives of your patients.


We have a few key questions for you to ponder: 

  • Do you want to help more patients?

  • Do you want to know how to add wellness to an existing practice?

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive program?

  • Do you want to do more for your existing patients?

  • Do you want experienced advice on how to do wellness successfully?

  • Are you tired of just treating pain patients?

How is 8WW Different?



Everything Under One Roof

All Parts of Program Given to You


Passionate In-Practice 8WW Coaching

Scripted Implementation

Doctor & Team Training

Network of Doctors


Nationally Recognized Brand

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Tried & True

Reproducible Systems and Results