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Turn your Practice into a wellness Business

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Join our team of Passionate Providers

Keep your practice relevant with Wellness offerings.

As an 8WW doctor, you help your community change their focus from pain management to Wellness care. 8 Weeks to Wellness broadens the focus of your practice from attracting pain-based Chiropractic patients to those want Wellness and keeping them as Chiropractic. 


Today, every community needs an inspiring wellness center with a team of experts leading people to longer, healthier lives.  This turnkey program will allow you to grow your practice and improve the lives of your patients.


We have a few key questions for you to ponder: 

  • Do you want to help more patients?

  • Do you want to know how to add wellness to an existing practice?

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive program?

  • Do you want to do more for your existing patients?

  • Do you want experienced advice on how to do wellness successfully?

  • Are you tired of just treating pain patients?

How is 8WW Different?



Everything Under One Roof

All Parts of Program Given to You


Passionate In-Practice 8WW Coaching

Scripted Implementation

Doctor & Team Training

Network of Doctors


Nationally Recognized Brand

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Tried & True

Reproducible Systems and Results

8WW Doctor's Channel

8WW Doctor's Channel

8WW Doctor's Channel
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Dr. Ronen Raphel England

Dr. Ronen Raphel England

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Value of 8WW seminars with Dr. Dan Brown

Value of 8WW seminars with Dr. Dan Brown

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Q&A: What is 8 Weeks to Wellness®?

Q&A: What is 8 Weeks to Wellness®?

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Watch these videos on how 8WW has changed doctors and saved lives.

Doctor Testimonials

"The information, action steps, and resources that are included in this program are absolutely fantastic and will help any clinic that wants to grow their business.  This is especially true if you desire to complement chiropractic with a well-rounded wellness model that includes nutrition, massage, and fitness.  This team of chiropractic leaders has unleashed the secrets of running a highly profitable, highly impactful, and highly fulfilling practice.  Quite simply….they have over-delivered!  Wow!”

– Dr. Jeffrey Danielson D.C. 

Upcoming Events

Attend a workshop to understand more

We offer events all throughout the year as a benefit to our 8WW community of Doctors. It's also a great opportunity for new Doctors to learn more as they consider becoming an 8WW provider. 


  • 8WW Partners can bring 2 doctors and 4 staff to an event, for free, every year. They can choose to split that between the 2 events if they would like. Any additional staff is $199. 

  • Non-8WW Doctors event fees are $399 for doctors and $299 for staff.

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