The Functional Wellness Patient Day1/Day 2
June 3RD/June 4th  2022
Woodbury Spine & Wellness  mINNEAPOLIS, mn | 9am - 4pM 

Explore vital strategies of becoming a wellness-focused Chiropractic practice


Don't miss out on this Game Changing eVENT!

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Presented By

Dr. Dane Donohue,

Dr. Brian Hester and

Dr. Justin Nye

Join us for this one-day turnkey event as you are guided through a virtual workshop, where you will learn their approach to impactful New Patient Consultations and successful wellness services. 

What to Expect

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  • How to connect with patients' known hot button as well as their secondary health issues.

  • How to build value by finding out how the challenges that are affecting their quality of life.

  • How to educate patients on the law of cause and effect so they are focused on lifestyle goals and function rather than JUST symptoms. Understanding the 3 Core Essentials and the Wellness Continuum.

  • The 3 Green Light questions and how they allow you to know whether a patient is right for more than just symptom care

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  • How to blow patients away in the exam ("my doctor never did this thorough of an exam").

  • The Functional Movement Screen- How to do an easy 8 part test for core flexibility and core strength. Patients need to understand that posture is the effect of alignment and motion.

  • Understanding the Biomarkers of a Wellness Score: What biomarkers  MUST include in your exam and what biomarkers are patients concerned about?

  • Understanding Body Composition Testing and Basic Lab Evaluation

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  • How to put together REAL care plans that work for YOU and the patient. Understanding a FUNCTIONAL care plan template for patient care.

  • How to Commit the patient and give patients the care they truly need! 

  • Handling Finances and Objections  When you handle the finances correctly, you WON'T get objections.

  • Long-term Membership plans  How to turn your initial care plans into a long-term habit by using membership plans.


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what others are saying

"Nothing gets the job done like this.  Nothing.  This is exactly what we should have been taught in school.  The exam is insane, the highest level of functional health exam out there... you will know from A to Z what the patient needs, and then from there with the Wellness Score... you can tell it to them effortlessly so that patients GET IT like never before.  No one tells it better than Dane, but as much as I want to scream SUBLUXATION from every mountain (and I still do)... it's about meeting them where they are, and we do just that with this Day 1/Day 2."

Dr. TE


"We attended the Day 1/Day 2 event last year and it has been a great year so far!!  We have changed the face of our practice and our community with this simple process. From our entire staff changing their lifestyles, including a massage therapist who has lost 80 lbs, to more than 100 of our community members leading a lifestyle they can be proud of!" Dr. JN