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Give us 8 weeks and we'll change the rest of your life. 

Program Overview

8 Weeks to Wellness® is a comprehensive wellness program that optimizes what people think about, how they eat and supplement, and how they exercise and care for their body through a specific, comprehensive 8-week program.

Through the program we continue to consistently see drastic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as waist and hip measurements. And of course, the participants are thrilled with their results. 

Wellness Score

It all starts with

The wellness score

Lack of symptoms or feeling good is not an effective barometer to measure your health. That’s where the WELLNESS SCORE comes in. This is a scoring system developed to track and measure your physiology and function. It actually gives you a grade, A thru F. We measure what we call biomarkers of health. When we do a wellness score on you we look at various biomarkers of health. 

Here are a few biomarkers that we use in 8 Weeks to Wellness

to measure your health.


The ratio of muscle to fat on your body as well as where you carry fat is one of the most important predictors of aging. We help you gain muscle and lose fat, especially what is called visceral fat which is the fat deep in your belly.


We measure your posture to see how far your head is moving out in front of your body. For every inch your head moves out in front of your body, it place tremendous stress on your spine and organs. A healthy body is a upright, well-aligned body.


We’ll measure 8 different ways to test your strength and flexibility of your core muscles.  We sit too much and it’s taking its toll on our bodies.


Hemoglobin A1c is a measurement of how much "glycation" is happened in your body. Sugar stiffens and ages your body and A1c is a reflection of how much that processing is happening. It is the main way that pre-diabetes and diabetes is diagnosed and it is one of the most important lab tests to know. 


Knowing your ratio of triglycerides to HDL (good) Cholesterol will help you predict your risk of cardiovascular disease. It is a simple and yet powerful predictor of who will suffer and heart attack or stroke and who won't. We want to see this ratio below 2-3.

5 Pillars

Then we move to customization of

5 core pillars of Wellness



Statistics covering health and wellness in America are shocking. CDC shows that 70% of adults are overweight and 4 in 10 are obese. 80% of adults don't get the recommended exercise per week according to the CDC. These two facts combined says the CDC are linked to an increased risk in a variety of chronic health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. With 8WW we focus on 3 areas; cardiovascular fitness, posture and mobility, and overall strength (especially core strength).



Mindfulness is taking control of your mind by directing its awareness towards something else, like your breath. Remember we are trying to strengthen our PEACE of mind muscles. This can’t be done without peace. It’s like trying to lift weights without the weights. Mindfulness is the mind-body tool that will remove fears, reduce cravings, strengthen self-awareness, and increase our ability to make proper choices when perceiving a stressful event. With 8 Weeks to Wellness® achieve an INCREASE in physical and mental relaxation, in alertness, in the capacity for more intimate and quality contact with others, in creativity and productivity, and in personal satisfaction with life and work.



Once considered to be pampering for the rich and famous, massage therapy is now finding enormous popularity among millions of Americans. Massage provides relief to people from all walks of life- the weekend athlete, the home gardener, the stressed executive, secretaries, waitresses, computer programmers and laborers. Virtually anyone can feel the need for massage sooner or later! We live in a sedentary world where your muscles pay the price for your inactivity. Massage reduces tight muscles so you move better especially since you are exercising on the program.



The primary role of the nervous system is to relay information in the form of energy to the brain

Then, the brain sends information back to the body through the nervous system to adapt the body to its environment. It is a feedback loop that is happening in your body right now in response to temperature, visual stimuli, sounds, smells, what you have eaten recently, body positions and many other environmental stimuli. How successfully your nervous system controls this process will determine your level of health. Chiropractic naturally adjusts the alignment of the spine to allow the information to flow along the nervous system without any interference. 



The 8 Weeks To Wellness® program will show you how to eat for the rest of your life. This is not a quick fix diet, a liquid diet, a starvation diet, a low fat diet, etc. It is simply a eating program that will teach you, maybe for the first time, how to eat properly. Every day You will enjoy healthy meals and Nutridyn Daily Meals® a meal replacement product designed to improve body composition. Nutridyn Daily Meals® promotes the loss of body fat while helping to maintain lean muscle mass. It also supports healthy heart function.

8 Weeks to Wellness ® is just that –

an eight-week program that focuses on health not sickness.

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 Our program encompasses all the fundamental wellness therapies and includes:

  • Complete Physical 

  • Postural Analysis with FMS (functional movement screen)

  • Muscle vs. Fat Analysis using In-Body Technology

  • Complete Blood Workup and Spinal X-rays

  • Personalized Nutritional Program

  • Full Body Fitness Assessment

  • Daily Meditation Instruction

  • 2 Chiropractic Adjustments each week

  • 2 On-Site Personal Training Sessions each week

  • One hour Full Body Massage each week

  • Each day, you will enjoy 3 healthy meals plus two NutriDyn® shakes.

  • MyZone Heart Rate Monitor and Exercise Tracking System


At the end of the program, you will be reassessed and provided with a copy of your evaluation and results – results that we know will speak for themselves. We consistently see drastic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as waist and hip measurements. And of course, the participants are thrilled with their results. We know this program would be fantastic for you, too!

Typical Results

We tracked 200 patients who  completed the 8ww program

Here are their Typical results:

  • Lost 15 lbs. and went from 203 lbs. to 188 lbs.

  • Lost 4 inches off their waist 

  • Lost 2.5 inches off their hips

  • Decreased Blood Pressure from 130/82 to 121/75

  • Lost 6 lbs. of fat.

  • Decreased BMI from 33 to 30.

  • Decreased Fasting Insulin Levels 30%

  • Decreases Cholesterol 20 points

  • Decreased Triglycerides 20 points 

  • Decreased Bad LDL Cholesterol 15 points

  • Increased Health Satisfaction Score by 33%

  • Decreased Symptoms by 55%

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